July 22, 2011

OK, so I’m always late. I don’t always plan ahead. I don’t make excuses, even though I’m always overwhelmed. But do I, does anyone, deserve the tortured journey to JFK? Anyone who flies in or out of there regularly, or even once, can tell you it’s the worst airport anywhere, and the worst to get to. Today is no exception. Let’s just say that after the two hours that the 35-minute trip from my home takes, in 102-degree heat, racing against the clock, during which I think for sure I will miss my flight, I step up to the counter and, against all odds, make it just in time. The flight closes as soon as I am through. I make it through security, onto the flight, and the door closes behind me. I am still a nervous wreck long after I land in Helsinki. The only saving grace: My bag is the last one on, and the first one off. Boy are the other passengers annoyed.